Grow the cycling company that brings women out of jail

The 1854 Cycling Co is opening a new manufacturing facility to produce world class bikes and create positive systemic change across the country. Supporters of the campaign will now get back 120% of their contributions as credits to use towards 1854 Bicycles and merchandise online. You're getting more 1854 Cycling by supporting 1854 Cycling!

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I can't get enough of 1854 Cycling, what they build and what they stand for.


2021 is going to be the year of 1854. Thrilled to support and get more of everything they create.


We love this!!! Go Brandale and team!


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What you're funding

1854 is growing their product line and the positive impact they have on communities everywhere in a big way. Funds raised through their NuMarket campaign will go towards a new manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. The new factory will allow Brandale and team to expand into motorcycle and multi-speed bicycle manufacturing for police departments across the US and employ more women who have been released from the justice system.

In addition to funding their exceptional growth nationally and worldwide, 1854 Cycling has committed to providing 54% of all customer contributions to getting Mothers who have not been able to post bail out of prison in time for Mother's Day. Breaking the cycle of incarceration and poverty that have affected communities everywhere is core to 1854's business mission. NuMarket is proud to support that mission and open up the chance to fund it for their customers.


About 1854 Cycling Co.

Bicycles and anti-poverty efforts don't typically go hand in hand. Until Brandale Randolph came along and started 1854 Cycling Co. Founded in 2016, Brandale and team have grown from an idea to abolish recurrent poverty cycles into a nationwide retail business bringing their mission to homes and roads everywhere.

1854 has been assembling and retailing bicycles out of their Massachusetts facility, employing a team of women who were previously part of the justice system. In recent months, 1854 has expanded their anti-poverty and incarceration mission by designing mobility services for police departments nationwide.

Get a sneak peek into the 1854 Collection

Brandale and the team will be sharing their newest apparel products with all contributors as the campaign goes along. Take a sneak peak here at everything from the Cycle Sweater to the 1854 Signature Fleece.


  • When will I receive my credits?

    If the campaign goal is met, we'll email you a code for your first credits one month after the campaign closes. You'll get more credits every month for one year.

    If the campaign goals aren't met, we'll return any amount contributed to the card you used to submit.

  • How do I use my credits?

    Simply enter the code you receive by email when checking out at 1854 Cycling online. Your credits will expire 12 months after you receive them. We want you to enjoy more of the bicycles, apparel and merchandise that 1854 offers all year.

  • Is Brandale as amazing as he seems?

    Yes. He is.

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