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For every $1 you put in to this campaign, you'll get back 20% more in credits to use at Afro Flow Yoga. Contribute $50, get $60. Contribute $100, get $120 for more music, flow and connection.


About the Business

Afro Flow Yoga® is an embodied practice that infuses dance movements of the African Diaspora with a meditative yoga sequence and live healing music. Afro Flow Yoga® promotes individual and collective healing in a compassionate, non-judgmental, inclusive and safe environment. We offer in person and virtual classes, workshops, retreats, discussions and teacher training programs. We cultivate community building and activism through the lens of embodied practices of the African Diaspora. We provide educational resources on the history of racism, deconstructing racism and healing our roots. 

While we work with all people, we have a deep commitment to the heritage, empowerment, education, healing, spirituality, and wellness of BIPOC communities.


What we're funding

2020 has meant a lot of change for everyone in Boston and across the world. We've been supporting the community with connection, breath and movement throughout the year online and are looking to 2021 to grow. Our practice is expanding and we're looking to our customers to help fund it. With customer funding, we'll be more accessible to people around the Boston area and beyond.

Q & A

  • What will you spend the funds on?

    We'll be purchasing PPE equipment, enhancing our instructor training and growing our technological reach. We'll also be building out our location to make sure more people can get the healing and transformation they need.

  • Is Afro Flow Yoga available outside of Boston?

    Afro Flow Yoga has certified instructors from Boston to Israel and we are looking to grow.

  • Are you currently open?

    As Covid-19 restrictions ease, we'll look to open up more of our space and are currently hosting Zoom classes for our community.


Why we are here

To make healing and transformation accessible to all individuals, communities and the world. By connecting to our roots, we inspire unity, love, harmony and interconnection to all beings and the earth while striving for social justice and equity.

We envision a world where nature has been restored back to a state of harmony. Through the traditions and teachings of dances of the African Diaspora, yogic practices, healing rhythms, love, and compassion, we celebrate our interconnection and honor and respect our shared humanity and cultural differences through the deep wisdom of our personal stories and stories and traditions of our ancestors, bridging cultural divides through ritual, healing, joy, nature and the recognition of our Oneness in the Divine.

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