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For every $1 you put in to this campaign, you'll get back 20% more in credits to use at Le Bab restaurants. Contribute $50, get $60. Contribute $100, get $120 for more kebabs, fondue fries & repressed English humor.


About the Business

Founded in 2016 by questionably qualified Stephen Tozer and Ed Brunet, Le Bab found fame and fortune after Anglo-Spaniard Manu Canales Garces came to the rescue. Le Bab is a group of modern kebab restaurants in Soho & Covent Garden, London. We mix Middle Eastern flavours with international influences and fine dining techniques. Fusion mezze, fine wines, cocktails and craft beers accompany our kebabs. We only use free range British meat.



What we're funding

2020 has meant a lot of change for everyone in London. We've been supporting the community in many ways throughout the year and are looking to 2021 to restock and grow. After successfully launching the Restaurant Collective, keeping Maison Bab, Kebab Queen and Le Bab open and engaging the community, it's time to expand. Our footprint in London and across the nation is expanding and we're looking to our customers to help fund it. With customer funding, we'll be more accessible to people around the city and beyond.

Q & A

  • What will you spend the funds on?

    We'll be purchasing masks, gloves, face shields, and cleaning products to keep our food nice and our staff nicer. We'll also be building out our locations to make sure more people can get modern kebabs when they need...which is always.

  • Is the coffee guy still there?

    Stop asking us.

  • Are you currently open?

    Yes! We're currently open for dine in and takeaway . As Covid-19 restrictions ease, we'll look to open up more of our offering..

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How We Got Here

We're not quite sure, but we did. After many, many life failures, our founding team finally found the kebab calling. Years later, we're still kicking and drawing in fans and customers from across the world. If we were really smart, we'd open up in the US where real culinary tastes find their home. Alas, our British sensibility precludes us from taking these necessary steps.

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