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Hard work and Boston go hand and hand. That’s why the BHD team are barreling down and raising up funds for a brand new still to take things to a whole new level. This campaign allows BHD the unique opportunity to get the local community involved. By supporting this campaign with a contribution of any size, you will get back 120% as credits to use toward purchases at BHD's historic brick & beam distillery. You're getting more BHD by supporting BHD!

We can't wait to get BHD at home!


Go Rhonda and everyone at Boston Harbor Distillery!!!


We love BHD and are so thrilled to support their future.


How it works


Support the campaign

Contribute any amount you'd like to BHD's crowdfunding campaign

Earn 20% more in credits

If you give $100, you'll get back $120 worth of credits to use at BHD over the year

Get your credits

Starting just 30 days after the campaign closes, we'll email credits to you in equal parts, every month, for 6 months

Use Your Credits

Get all of your favorites from BHD throughout the year to use at the distillery for cocktails and merchandise or purchase your favorites online for shipping

What You're Funding

Sip. Savor. Support.

A New Still

A long term investment into new unique barrel finishes, blends & expressions. Cheers to many years more of BHD Whiskey in hand. 

Expanded Access & Availability

Our place or yours? Join BHD for cocktails, tastings & events at Boston Harbor Distillery and find your BHD favorites in more places where you eat, drink & shop.

The Future

Funding will allow BHD to invest in materials to produce craft whiskey and other spirits expertly distilled, blended and hand bottled by BHD's dedicated and growing team. 

About Boston Harbor Distillery

Boston Harbor Distillery was founded by Rhonda Kallman in 2012 to make whole-grain whiskey and other inventive spirits. She is considered one of America’s craft beverage industry thought leaders and as the pioneering woman in the beer industry, was able to lead the way for other women to earn the respect and credibility they deserve. She founded Boston Harbor Distillery to produce her first love, whiskey, in her beloved city of Boston. 

BHD found the perfect home at The Port in the Neponset section of Dorchester. Built in 1859, run down and neglected, it took over a year to renovate and bring it to life. It’s now the proud home of the Boston Harbor Distillery.

Today Rhonda and the team have hundreds of barrels of whiskey varieties aging in their bonded barrel storage warehouse, along with small batch gin, rum, decadent liqueurs and even distilled beer. Each barrel is made with a promise: no compromises and all heart.

A Note From Rhonda, owner of Boston Harbor Distillery

The pandemic seriously knocked everyone back on their heals. Throughout it all, BHD’s small, but committed team, sacrificed and worked tirelessly to keep BHD on solid footing. As a result, we believe we’ve weathered the worst of it and are excited about the next chapter.

Thanks to you, our community, BHD is celebrating its sixth anniversary of opening our doors this month. We wouldn’t be here today without your support. Your enthusiasm for what we create means everything to us.

Your support of this campaign, will help continue to grow Boston Harbor Distillery and our brands. We plan to use the proceeds of this campaign to purchase a bigger still so we can make more of the brands you’ve come to love with the quality you expect. Our commitment to you is to continue to create world-class whiskey and other fine spirits and do so with all heart and no compromises. 

Thank you for your support and helping to spread the good word. Look forward to seeing you back at BHD soon. 


Rhonda Kallman

founder & CEO


  • When will I receive my credits?

    If the campaign goal is met, we'll email you a code for your first credits one month after the campaign closes. You'll get more credits every month for six months.

    If the campaign goals aren't met, we'll return any amount contributed to the card you used to submit.

  • How do I use my credits?

    Simply enter the code you receive by email by show the code to the BHD team at the distillery. Please note, credits can not be used at other retail locations or stores.

    Your credits will expire 12 months after you receive them. We want you to enjoy more of the BHD magic!

  • If I don't use my credits, will they add up month-to-month?

    Yes! But remember, credits do expire 12 months after you receive them.

  • Is Rhonda as amazing as she seems?

    Go visit the distillery. You'll see.

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