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For every $1 you put in to this campaign, you'll get back 20% more in credits to use at Celeste. Contribute $50, get $60. Contribute $100, get $120 for more chicha, pisco and lomo saltado.


About Celeste

Celeste is a joint project between friends interested in creating a unique experience that brings together good food, paired with the perfect drink, set in a singular environment that celebrates provocative design, art and music.Β  At the core of what we do is the notion of a shared experience.Β  Our food is made with love, ancient recipes from Peru transmitted from generation to generation that showcase the richness of a culture through their food.

We serve late-afternoon aperitivos, dinner with daily specials,Β and a late-nite menu, as well as a full-bar focused on pisco, mezcal and local craft beers that pair perfectly with our food.



What we're funding

2020 has meant a lot of change for everyone in Somerville. We've been supporting the community in many ways throughout the year and are looking to 2021 to restock and grow in our new upstairs space. Our footprint in the Boston area and across New England is expanding and we're looking to our customers to help fund it. With customer funding, we'll be more accessible to people around the city and beyond.

Q & A

  • What will you spend the funds on?

    We'll be purchasing masks, gloves, face shields, and cleaning products to keep our staff safe and our food fantastic. We'll also be building out our location to make sure more people can get Peruvian staples when they need...which is always.

  • Is the lomo saltado really the world's best?

    Ask around :)

  • Are you currently open?

    Yes! We're currently open for dine in and take out . As Covid-19 restrictions ease, we'll look to open up more of our offering.


How We Got Here

Maria Rondeau and JuanMa Calderon set out to bring the beauty and complexity of Andean food to Union Square. Since 2013, Juanma and MarΓ­a have run Kriollo Real, a closed-door restaurant at their home, with great success. They now expand their operation and become a full-fledged restaurant to serve the public at large.

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