So you've got credits...

You've also got questions


  • What can I use my credits for?

    Anything Mamaleh's sells in store, for take out or delivery. Bagels, lox, merchandise, goodies and babka surprises

  • Where do I find my credits?

    Each month we'll send you an email reminder with a code that's unique to you. Enter that code when you checkout for online take out or for in store orders.

  • Do my credits expire?

    Your credits will roll over each month and they expire 12 months after you receive them

  • Can I use the my credits over multiple orders?


  • Can I combine my credits from month to month?

    Yes! We'll do it automatically for you and send an updated amount by email each month

  • Can I use my credits at the Brookline location?

    Once it opens, yes!

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