Mamaleh's, like Kamala's

Mamaleh's: a Yiddish word which is a term of endearment for a young child. Also a modern era Jewish Delicatessen in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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For every $1 you put in to this campaign, you'll get back 20% more in credits to use at Mamaleh's. Contribute $50, get $60. Contribute $100, get $120 for pastrami sandwiches and lox.

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About the Business

The smell of a deli is unmistakable, bringing on a nostalgia from childhood and memories of meals well spent with family and friends. Mamaleh's brings those memories into the present, with a fresh take on Jewish cuisine that blends tradition with a a new blend of diverse flavors and experiences.

We serve daily lunch and dinner for take out & delivery, a brunch menu on weekends and special suburb pickup packages that rotate weekly. For more info on our offering as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, visit our website below.


What we're funding

At Mamaleh's, we're looking for ways to serve more great customers across the area through Covid-19 and beyond. This campaign will allow us to raise funds to buy PPE for our staff to ensure their health and safety as well as to grow through new space. We want to make Mamaleh's food and experience more accessible to customers in and outside of Cambridge for the future. Support us here on NuMarket and stay tuned to hear what that new growth for Mamaleh's means!

Q & A

  • What will you spend the funds on?

    We'll be purchasing masks, gloves, face shields, and cleaning products to keep our staff safe and our studio clean. We'll also be building out our locations to make sure more people can get Mamaleh's when they want it!

  • Is your Matzah Ball Soup better than my Bubbe's?

    Our Bubbe taught us never to answer such questions.

  • Are you currently open?

    Yes! We're currently open for takeout and delivery as well as some special pickups across the state. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, we'll look to open up more of our dining room and counter seating.


How We Got Here

Mamaleh's was founded in 2016 by Alon and Rachel Miller Munzer alongside their partners with the goal of bringing Jewish cuisine of decades past into the Boston present. Over the past 5 years our matzah balls, pastrami and bagels have been flying in and out of the doors of our Kendall Square location thanks to you, our customers.

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