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Growth is a beautiful thingβ€” full of anticipation. We're looking to grow our team in the most intentional way possible so that we can continue to cultivate the joy we have for showing up to work every day. We're looking for people who want to help make our impact wider and our work more meaningful as we listen, learn and build.

The What We're Looking for Part

We're looking to grow with people who are empathetic, creative, and ruthlessly kind. We're looking for a person with fresh perspective, different experiences and the ability to bring great ideas to life in tactical systems. We are looking for you if you love to laugh and value teamwork and experimentation. We are looking for you if you're patient with others but impatient for change.

We have something really special here and we want to grow with a person who sees value and opportunity to help us build it in a nu way.

The Gigs Part

Product: Credit Systems

The Gig: You lead and build our unique credit distribution system.

Previous Experience Bonus: Two sided platforms, PoS systems, SaaS, payment processing, managing external dev

Commitment: Full or Part Time

Operations: Finance, Team & Product

The Gig: You keep us on a sustainable growth path.

Previous Experience Bonus: Growth ops, rev ops, entrepreneur, accounting, finance dept.

Commitment: Full Time

Designer: Web and Brand

The Gig: You make our brand and visual experience as vibrant as our work.

Previous Experience Bonus: Early stage start ups, re-branding, digital web design

Commitment: Part Time or Project

Marketing: Funding Campaign Growth

The Gig: You make it possible for more people to find, connect and contribute on NuMarket

Previous Experience Bonus: Two Sided Platforms, impact driven startups, growth marketing

Open Role

The Gig: You tell us. We're looking for help in a lot of areas!

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