GetĀ funding from JP customers, give credits in return

NuMarket is helping JP businesses to get funding directly from local customers and drive future sales

How it works

Funding from your customers in return for future credits


Raise Funds

NuMarket helps you crowdfund from your customers and local supporters in exchange for increased credits to use toward the business later.

Use the Funds

If your crowdfunding campaign is successful, you get the funds to use for your business however you'd like.


Grow Future Sales

NuMarket distributes the credits each month over 1-year, encouraging your customers to visit and buy regularly.

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Funding and support for JP Businesses

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FAQ & Logistics

  • How much of the crowdfunded contributions do businesses get?

    If the campaign goals are met, NuMarket transfers 93% of the contributions to your business. We keep 7% as a fee to maintain the platform.

  • What's the monthly cost for NuMarket's service?

    We charge no monthly fees. The credit distribution and redemption service is at no cost to the business.

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