Larry J's BBQ Cafe Wants to Give You The Greatest Food Experience!

Larry J's BBQ Cafe brings the taste of high quality Texas Style brisket, pulled pork and Southern side dishes to Boston.

Contributors to the campaign will get back 120% of their contributions as credits to use at Larry J's. You're getting more Ribs by supporting Larry J's!

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I love Larry J’s! Best ribs Ever.


Can’t wait to see the new patio during the summer! 


Forever in awe of the work you do Larry!


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Larry J BBQ

About Larry J’s BBQ Cafe

Larry J’s BBQ Cafe is owned and operated by famed Chef Larry Jimerson. He is the heart and soul of Larry J’s and without him, we would not be where we are today.

He prepares his meats with all—natural, unadulterated apple and hickory wood. Seasoned with a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, his brisket, pulled pork and ribs are smoked for more than 12 hours so they pull away from the bone. The result is truly amazing!

Larry J’s is passionate about authentic wood smoked meats. Our mission is to offer an amazing, lip smacking, finger licking, and life changing BBQ experience.

Our motto is “quality, quantity and consistency”. We believe BBQ is a great comfort food: quintessential American favorite.

What We’re Funding

Summer is approaching and Larry J’s BBQ Cafe wants to give it’s customers an experience they will remember! We will use the funds from this campaign to build out our patio area and dedicate a section for beer and wine. In addition, we will use funds from this campaign to create some exciting additions to our menu. Right now it’s a secret, but let’s just say no other BBQ place in the Boston area will have this on their menu.


  • When will I receive my credits?

    If the campaign goal is met, we’ll email you a code for your first credits one month after the campaign closes. You’ll get more credits every month for one year.

    If the campaign goals aren’t met, we’ll return any amount contributed to the card you used to submit.

  • How do I use my credits?

    Simply enter the code you receive by email when checking out at Larry J’s BBQ Cafe online or in person. Your credits will expire 60 days after you receive them.

  • Is Larry J’s Ribs really the best?

    We’ll let you decide.

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