Bring a much loved Jewish Deli to Brookline

Mamaleh’s is opening its long-awaited next location in Brookline and looking to you, its loyal customers, to help fund it. Support now and get 120% of your contribution back as credits to use in-store and for nationwide shipping. Get more Mamaleh’s by supporting Mamaleh’s!

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About Mamaleh's Delicatessen

Mamaleh's Delicatessen opened in Cambridge in 2016 with the goal of bringing Jewish cuisine of decades past into the Boston present.  Since opening, they’ve received much acclaim, including Bon Appetit Magazine's 50 best new restaurants in the country, Boston Magazine's Best Deli, and become a beloved part of the Boston community. Thanks to their tremendously loyal staff and customers, Mamaleh’s is still fighting through the Covid era, and they plan to be a Boston area staple for years to come.

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What you're funding

While 2020 was challenging to say the least, Mamaleh’s was resilient and turned the pandemic into an opportunity to try new things. Now, Mamaleh’s is taking these learnings and channeling them into opening its long-awaited second location in Brookline. Your contribution will allow Mamaleh’s to support their current staff, grow their team, and expand their positive impact beyond the Cambridge community.


  • I don't live in Massachusetts, can I still contribute to the campaign?

    Yes! Anyone in the US can contribute to the campaign. You'll be able to use your credits toward nationwide shipping orders.

  • When will I receive my credits?

    If the campaign goal is met, we'll email you a code for your first credits one month after the campaign closes. You'll get more credits every month for one year.

    If the campaign goals aren't met, we'll return any amount contributed to the card you used to submit.

  • How do I use my credits?

    Simply enter the code you receive by email when checking out at Mamaleh's online or in-store. You'll be able to use your credits at Mamaleh's Cambridge and Brookline locations. Your credits will expire 60 days after you receive them. We want you to enjoy more of the bagels, lox and pastrami we've all come to love from Mamaleh's.

  • Is Mamaleh's Matzah Ball Soup better than my Bubbe's?

    No comment.

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