Mei Mei is Making Dumplings for Everyone

Mei Mei isn't going anywhere, their dumplings are going everywhere! With your help, Boston's favorite dumpling kitchen will expand their availability nationwide. They’re investing in new tools, tech, and renovations to increase their production and expand their distribution to bring dumplings to everyone. Irene and the team are looking to their community to join in on their growth. You will get back 120% of your contributions in credits to use towards Mei Mei dumplings for shipping nationwide and at local farmers' markets for pick up. Dumplings make the world go 'round, help us spread the love. Get more Mei Mei by supporting Mei Mei!

Top 5 food experience - tempura fiddleheads from Mei Mei food truck 😀


I've loved Mei Mei since their food truck used to swing by my office back in the day. Food is love y'all, and they got me through some rough days.


You gave my son a job when he started at BU, and he graduated yesterday. Working at Mei Mei was one of the best parts of his college experience. We miss the restaurant, but I'm thrilled to see what's nex t!


How it works


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Contribute any amount you'd like to Mei Mei's crowdfunding campaign

Earn 20% more in credits

If you give $100, you'll get back $120 worth of credits to use at Mei Mei's over the year

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Starting just 30 days after the campaign closes, we'll email credits to you in equal parts, every month, for 6 months

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Get all of your favorites from Mei Mei on nationwide dumpling shipping and farmer's market pickups

What You're Funding

A big new dumpling making operation to bring Mei Mei goodness across New England and the US

New Tech & Tools

Dumplings aren't going anywhere, dumplings are going everywhere. Mei Mei is acquiring new tools and systems to increase dumpling production

Making Space

New renovations and an updated space so that we can make dumplings for days.

Dumpling Classes & Kits

Spread the #DumplingLove. Mei Mei is increasing their virtual dumpling classes and shipping kits nationwide

About Mei Mei

Chef Irene Li co-founded Mei Mei with her two older siblings in 2012, and since 2018 she’s been running the show with the help of her awesome team.  "Mei Mei” means little sister in Mandarin Chinese and Mei Mei food is an expression of the Li sibling’s favorite childhood food memories as Chinese-American kids growing up in Boston. Irene has spent her years at Mei Mei driving the industry forward in ethical sourcing and fair and transparent employment practices. She is an Eater Young Gun, Zagat 30 Under 30, and Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, and six-time James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef semi-finalist.

Now, she’s joined forces with her two badass partners, Alyssa Lee and Annie Campbell, to build on the success of her family business. With Alyssa and Annie’s business backgrounds, Alyssa in marketing and finance and Annie in lean operations, the trio is now complete and ready to launch Mei Mei into the future as Mei Mei Dumpling Company. 

Mei Mei's unconventional dumpling combinations showcase their love for great New England ingredients along with a pursuit of what tastes delicious. They use pasture-raised meat that is sourced from the Northeast and work with small, independent family farms. They are able to source 70% of our produce from the Northeast across the year. Since 2018, Mei Mei has been an “Open Book” company, meaning they share their financial information with all staff, empowering them to think and act like managers regardless of their role or title. 

Since the pandemic, the business has changed. They’ve taken the food truck off the road and closed the restaurant dining room. But Mei Mei isn’t going anywhere; in fact, their dumplings are going everywhere!  What could be better than that?

A Sneak Peek into the Future of Mei Mei

Irene and the team will be sharing updates on Mei Mei's progress with all contributors as the campaign goes along. Take a sneak peak at some images here.


  • When will I receive my credits?

    If the campaign goal is met, we'll email you a code for your first credits one month after the campaign closes. You'll get more credits every month for 6 months.

    If the campaign goals aren't met, we'll return any amount contributed to the card you used to submit.

  • How do I use my credits?

    Simply enter the code you receive by email when checking out for nationwide dumpling delivery online or local farmer's markets pick ups.

    Your credits will expire 12 months after you receive them. We want you to enjoy more of the dumplings, dough and deliciousness Mei Mei has on deck.

  • If I don't use my credits, will they add up month-to-month?

    Yes! But remember, credits do expire 12 months after you receive them.

  • Is there magic folded into the dumplings?

    There must be. Let us know if you figure it out.

A Note From Irene

When you walk into Mei Mei these days, it feels very different -- it’s not a restaurant anymore. There are no guests inside, just our team, busy with folding, packing, and labeling our new product line. The wood-topped dining room tables now live in other restaurants. We’ve replaced them with shiny new prep tables for high volume dumpling making and glass-door refrigerators full of neatly stacked packages. We haven’t taught an in person dumpling class in over a year, but thousands of people across the US have experienced the story and hospitality of our little restaurant through our virtual dumpling making classes. Things are different, but we’re still Mei Mei.

While the pandemic caused our business to change in ways we never imagined, we’ve come back stronger than ever, and perhaps stronger than we would have without the challenges of 2020. We have to say goodbye to the old Mei Mei, but we can’t wait to show you what’s to come! -- a Mei Mei Dumpling Company.

There will be dumplings for all and cooking experiences that bring Mei Mei into your home. This incarnation of Mei Mei is still a farm-focused, women-owned business that strives to be a good company in every sense of the word. We will continue to source our ingredients carefully and put our community at the center of everything we do. This past year more than ever, we’ve seen that our community goes beyond our employees, customers, and vendors - it’s our neighbors, city, community organizations, and other local businesses. At the Mei Mei Dumpling Company you’ll find more than just our dumplings; it’s  a place where we support and grow other underrepresented businesses. It’s dumplings for all because every culture has some sort of delicious, stuffed parcel of goodness, from the empanada to the samosa to the momo. Eventually you’ll be able to find our dumplings and many other “filled with love” foods from local businesses through Mei Mei. As we grow the Mei Mei Dumpling Company, we want to bring our community along with us. We know that anything that ensures the wellbeing of our broader community will pay us all back in the end. 

Thank you for your continued love and support as we work toward a dumpling-filled future. 

Irene Li, Chef & Co-Founder

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