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NuMarket lets you support independent restaurants in return for credits to use for food and drink

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Mass Restaurants United


Newburyport, MA

Brine Oysters

little donkey

Cambridge, MA

Little Donkey


Boston, MA


Boston, MA


Cambridge, MA


Brookline, MA

Taqueria El Barrio

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Contribute any amount to the restaurant's crowdfunding campaign on NuMarket

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Every month we'll send you back part of your contribution as credits to use at the restaurant, plus 20% on top!

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  • How many credits will I get back in return?

    The amount of your support, plus 20%. If you put in $100, you'll get back $120 worth of credits.

  • When will I get my credits?

    We send you part of your credits every month, starting 30 days after the campaign closes

  • What if the restaurant doesn't reach it's campaign goal?

    We'll send all contributors their money back, no sweat.

  • I don't see my favorite restaurant, what do I do?

    Let them know about NuMarket or tell us in the input forms below.

We're excited to allow our community across Massachusetts to contribute to the resiliency of all of our restaurants in a way that benefits everyone." DEMO

Nancy Batista-Caswell

Owner of Brine and Oak & Rowan

Engaging our customers to fund our growth and resilience is allowing us to do more of what we do best: make great food, drinks and experiences." DEMO

Jamie Bissonnette

Owner of Toro, Coppa & Little Donkey

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What about us? We're a handful of people who believe that we can put power back in the hands of local business owners.

When Covid-19 hit our favorite small businesses hard we had a big question: what if everyday customers could fund the businesses that make their communities great? Instead waiting for costly loans from banks or government grants, we created NuMarket.

Every day we work with you in raising up local shops, restaurants, bars, bakeries, coffee shops, gyms, studios, theaters and everything else our communities value.

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