A Nu way to raise funding for Bialow Real Estate clients

NuMarket is a customer financing tool for retail & consumer businesses. Our platform gives you the tools to raise funds, not donations, from your customers to expand your retail presence and grow.

Bialow Real Estate Partners

Customers fund you now and earn credits to use toward your business later

Your Customers Support you

They contribute any amount they'd like to a crowdfunding campaign we create for you.

Customers Get Credits

For one year, NuMarket sends your customers back credits every month to use at your business.

Customer Use the Credits!

If someone contributes $100, they'll have $120 worth of credits to use at your locations over the year.


It’s designed as a crowdfunding platform that works as an alternative financing source for independent businesses. When a customer chooses to support a business, they get a return in credits at the business — so a $100 investment is worth $120 in credits at a restaurant, salon, or yoga studio. Those credits are distributed back to the customer in monthly increments, allowing the business to spread out the cash flow over time, while also drawing the customers back in for repeat sales.


The Boston Globe

Janelle Nanos

When we were first introduced to the concept of NuMarket we were immediately intrigued. We have been in business for over 15 years and have raised capital through almost every method; private investors, bank loans, equipment loans, short term capital loans—even other crowdfunding platforms. Unlike other fundraisers, the concept of NuMarket is so simple and business forward.


Rachel Miller Munzer- Owner

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