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There's never enough of Luis & Craig's brew in the world. We need more!


2021 is going to be the year of good beer. Roundhead beer, to be clear.


We love this!!! Go Craig, Luis and the rest of the team!


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About Roundhead Brewing

Roundhead Brewing Company is a locally owned small business in Hyde Park. Great beer is the starting point for our mission: Bringing people together in our neighborhood taproom. Hyde Park is a diverse community, and we could think of no better place for New England’s first Latino-owned brewery and taproom.

We believe in community connections, because that’s what we’re all about. This is also how we started. Owners Luis Espinoza and Craig Panzer met through their kids’ Jamaica Plain Youth soccer games. Soon after, we decided to partner on plans to open a five-barrel brewery and taproom business.

Planning and realizing what it takes to open a brewery, especially in times of COVID, was a challenge, affecting not only our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. We were grateful to receive feedback and support from GOOD PEOPLE, family, and FRIENDS. Friends are very important. Without them, we would have no one to share our dream.

What you're funding

We're opening our new brewery and taproom in Hyde Park this summer. It will be the first solar-powered brewery in Massachusetts and the first Latino owned brewery in New England. Our beer will come from original recipes;:small batch five barrel means we can experiment more and develop many more flavors. This campaign will allow us to buy a state of the art Gosling Filling System. What does that mean for you? More of those great varieties from our seasonal, local approach to brewing. The canning system allows to provide more of the stuff of our community loves directly to our community.


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    Simply enter the code you receive by email when checking out at Roundhead Brewing online or in-brewery. Your credits will expire 60 days after you receive them. We want you to enjoy more of the great beer and merchandise we've got brewing at Roundhead.

  • Is Luis a brewing magician?

    You didn't hear it from us.

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