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For every $1 you put in to this campaign, you'll get back 20% more in credits to use at Seaport Barbers. Contribute $50, get $60. Contribute $100, get $120 for more haircuts, shaves and jokes.


About the Business

In 2016 Andrew Alicea took his talents to the Seaport. In the middle of the boom and bustle of Boston's fastest growing neighborhood, Seaport Barbers has been keeping all of their neighbors freshly cut since Day 1.

Even though Andrew and his staff win yearly awards, you'd only be able to find out from their fiercely loyal customer base. The people are humble and welcoming while the shop is state of the art.

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What we're funding

2020 has meant a lot of change for everyone in Boston. We've kept our doors open throughout the year and are looking to 2021 to restock and grow. Our footprint in the Seaport and across the city is expanding and we're looking to our customers to help fund it. With customer funding, we'll have more hours, more haircuts and more accessibility.

Q & A

  • What will you spend the funds on?

    We'll be purchasing masks, gloves, face shields, and cleaning products to keep our staff safe and our shop. We'll also be building out new locations to make sure more people can get haircuts, shaves and trims when they want them.

  • Is Andrew really Boston's Best?

    Ask around. Boston knows.

  • Are you currently open?

    Yes! We're currently open for haircuts and trims. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, we'll look to open up more of our services and barber chairs.

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How We Got Here

If we're being honest, all the credit goes to Ross. Andrew's staff lets him think he's the true genius behind getting a fully booked independent barber shop in between a billion dollar salad chain and luxury clothing retailer, but the real people know the truth. It was Ross. Thankfully, Ross is back in Boston and can make more frequent trips to the house he built, Seaport Barbers.

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